Online Marketing

With websites being key to many business strategies, we in this line of business are first to comprehend the need for them perform. At A90, we understand the process of ranging your profile online to ensure that your website delivers the results desired. With a key driver in customer engagement, we will guide you through the process to increase revenue through your website. Our offerings under the digital marketing spectrum include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – To distinguish your brand from the multitude and with organic search commanding a significant share of all internet traffic, proper promotion of your website in search engines is critical to success of your website. This is achievable through consistent results and sound management over time. Some of the techniques we employ include:
    1. Search Opportunity Analysis
    2. Content Optimization
    3. Social Search Strategy
    4. Link Building
    5. Site Audits
    6. Reporting Analysis


  • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Achieving desired results in a PPC program requires good management of the cost of clicks and keyword= targeting relative to PPC spend. Our team of experienced professionals will drive this process through a thorough research of your business and its practices and selecting keywords relevant to your series offerings. Through our analysis, we will determine your core clientele online and present them with messaging consistent to their interests. In addition we will monitor every aspect of your campaign, refining the targeted messaging and process to improve your return on your spend.
  • Affiliate Marketing Management – This process requires our clients to take a lateral approach to online marketing but can be an extremely cost effective solution. We ensure that the affiliates are approved and the process is based on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) model meaning that you only pay per conversion. Once embraced, this strategy allows for access to a pool of resources across your network, making it a useful revenue stream. The services we make available for campaign management include:
  1. Affiliate Recruitment
  2. Banner Ceation
  3. Affiliate email send outs
  4. Affiliate Approval
  5. Reporting and Analysis


  • Email Marketing – As you set out to build your brand awareness, email marketing allows you to keep your existing and potential customers informed of your offering. This strategy is entirely measurable, builds loyalty and is an extremely cost effective means of raising your brand awareness. A90 can assist with:
  1. Idea Generation and Strategy
  2. Content Creation
  3. Browsing’
  4. Inbox Testing
  5. Reporting and Analysis


  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) –  Determining the effectiveness of your website can be evasive but with CRO playing an active role in your marketing strategy, the benefits can easily be derived. Our process includes a thorough fact finding process, research into why the findings are as they are and the creation of a long term strategy to maintain growth through CRO. This process will inform the other components of you digital marketing strategy.
  • Content Management System (CMS) – CMS is a research driven process usually conducted over a 4-6month period. During that time, we will research your audience and create the relevant content to be disseminated across the relevant channels. Identifying the subjects relevant to your customers and subsequently how these subjects fit in the buying cycle is important. These subjects need to be linked t the relevant issues, which in turn are linked to assets which address all stages of the buying cycles. This process needs to peak interests of the online customer and this is what we can deliver for our clients.

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