Digital Marketing and Advertizing

Our digital marketing team manages a diverse client base who seek to engage their markets increasingly through technology. The strategies employed take account of the client’s position in the market place and their overall aim with respect to the particular marketing objectives as defined in their marketing plan. In so doing, our focal points in target markets and strategies are deployed:

  • Which allows us as digital marketers to target specific markets in business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) scenarios
  • Influencer marketing, where focal points in target markets and strategies deployed to engage these influencers for the benefit of the client
  • Online behavioral advertising, which captures information about user’s online activity in order to deliver advertisement tailored to that user’s interests and preference
  • Establishment of a collaborative environment, where an ecosystem can be established between the client body, the technical service provider and the digital agency in an effort to optimize resource sharing, reusability, communication reach and impact

By employing the above strategies, we are able to deliver customized programs to maximize the benefit of our client’s advertising dollars. After the strategy is defined, we can then offer the client a variety of outlets which include:

  • Video production (commercials, explainer videos, etc)
  • Live streaming
  • Video and mobile advertising
  • Search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization
  • Customized marketing platform
  • Content marketing and social promotion
  • Paid acquisition
  • Social media management
  • Infographics