Mobile Sites and Apps

Whether applications, mobile websites or responsive designs, selecting the relevant solution requires sound knowledge of your business and your ultimate strategic objectives. We consult with you during this process and identify solutions based on research on your business offering and your objectives. We can equally provide:

  • Mobile Marketing – We are mobile but not everyone interacts with their devices in the same manner. Our research process analyses your mobile customer through a variety of in person and digital research methodologies. Armed with technology to recognize conversations on mobile devices and mobile searches, we allow this data to inform our marketing practices. Our research and insights reveal the opportunities and we in turn create strategies that will capitalize on your audiences’ mobile behaviours and interests. Our offering therefore includes:
  1. Mobile Strategy
  2. App and Website Development
  3. Mobile Online Marketing
  4. Identify Blog Promoters
  5. Mobile SEO
  6. Mobile Reporting and Analytics
  7. Customized Partnership


  • Mobile Web DesignAs mobile takes a greater share of advertising takings, greater attention should be paid to the web experience of the mobile customer. At A90, we recognize this trend and are careful to align your strategic objectives to the appropriate mobile solution. This may be a dedicated mobile website or responsive design based on user preferences. Whatever your requirements, we can advise accordingly. We will therefore assist with:
  1. UX and IA
  2. Content Optimization for mobile
  3. Design and Development


  • Mobile and Tablet AppsMobile Apps have the ability to raise brand awareness, build relationships and increase foot traffic and sales. As a strategy, Apps allow you to communicate directly to your customer, giving them the option to capitalize on offers and encourage spending. Apps have the ability to be focused on whatever your marketing strategy deems fit, not just sales and awareness. This diversity is the true power of the app. In so doing, A90 provides end to end mobile solutions to contribute towards the development and marketing of your mobile assets through:
    1. Mobile Web Design
    2. Mobile and Tablet Apps
    3. Mobile Marketing

Mobile apps concept. Flat design vector illustration. Human hand with mobile phone and interface icons