UX Design

Your business offering should be clearly defined and organized when developing a new website. This process is made challenging when a client possesses multiple websites under one band. If the navigation experience becomes too complicated, a poor use experience can result which will in turn hamper the intended performance of the website and your business as a while.


Sound planning mitigates against a poor UX and we are experts in delivering a unified and serviceable website that is responsive to your customer’s requirements. The information Architecture defines the website and the design process allows us to refine the components of the site prior to the commencement of the formal design and the building process.


The planning process allows for a logical approach to taxonomy and hierarchy of the website’s components and the resulting information architecture should include:

  • Site Mapping
  • Content Planning
  • Vision and Direction
  • Review and Analysis
  • Wireframe
  • User Journey Mapping

Outdoor office with laptop computer on wooden table and blue coffee cup.
designer drawing website development wireframe